What if it was possible to walk into your very own home theater room, sit down, and with one push of a button the lights fade, shades close, your seat reclines, your projector screen moves to the format the director intended, and your movie starts playing. Does this sound like a cinema experience you would enjoy from the comfort of your own home?

Audio Input can make this a reality!

If you are looking for something new, unique, and convenient for your home, you have come to the right place! Audio Input’s international award winning home theater systems are custom designed to fit your unique style and budget. With the finest quality products and skilled staff, Audio Input is able to completely automate your home theater and entire home.

We also offer complete design services with many styles of furniture, accent lighting and treatments, customized sound panels, acoustically optimized theme rooms, star-filled ceilings, and more!

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Complete control of your home environment is at your fingertips! Audio Input stretches the boundaries of technology with the integration of green home automation. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals work hard to custom design the most efficient solutions for your home, ultimately saving you time, simplifying your life, and providing an extra level of home security. Our design has gained international attention as we have won international awards in technical design and automation.

To simplify your life, Audio Input can integrate all your home systems into one. This allows you to control, monitor, and program your entire home environment from any location using a single smart device. For example, you can set your lights to turn on at your home at sunset and your drapes to draw at dusk and open at dawn. You can also use your touch screen to view all the rooms in your home and see if any doors are open or any lights are still on and make adjustments from anywhere. These are just a few of the many features Audio Input can provide for you!

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Take music from your iPod, CD’s, satellite radio, etc., and bring them all together with a multi room music system from Audio Input. Our whole home music distribution systems allow you to have seamless music throughout your entire residence, both inside and outside, and give you the experience of being at a live performance.

We offer multiple source and multiple zone audio that is out of sight and out of mind. Audio Input has the ability to blend your audio system with your home decor, by hiding your speakers in the walls or ceilings inside or in weather resistant speakers outside, disguised to look like rocks or landscape lighting fixtures.

With state of the art wireless technology and the expertise of award winning electronic technicians, your home doesn’t have to be under construction or a major remodel to take advantage of an Audio Input distributed audio system. Stop by your local Audio Input design center and hear what you’ve been missing.

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Control Your Music

  • Control the volume of your music in each zone or room
  • Select custom play lists
  • Simultaneously play different music in separate locations inside and outside your home

Whether you are in corporate enterprise, education, health care, or hospitality and retail, Audio Input has a solution for every application. If you need to add some flare to your business with Digital Signage or a Video Wall, or impress all who walk into your conference rooms with automated lighting, heating, and music, we have the solution for you.

At Audio Input, your business is our priority, and we strive to create the perfect environment for you and your employees. Our goal is to make your office as productive as possible while looking quite impressive to all who enter.

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Business Solutions Include

  • Audio visual presentation systems
  • Board room systems
  • Video conferencing systems
  • PA systems
  • Digital signage
  • Energy management
  • Lighting, Shade, & Climate control
  • Touch panel control
  • Remote building management
  • Music distribution
  • Surveillance systems

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